Improving Your Customer Relationship Management with Blogging Technology

Before I address the following questions: What is a blog? and What can a blog do for your agency?, let me pose a few “What if . -. .” questions to you. Bearing in mind that before your prospects and customers buy from you, they need to know you, like you, and trust you. In other words, they need to know, whether overtly or covertly, that they possess a trusting and ongoing relationship with you. What better way to accomplish all of them to get to know you, trust you, made use of you than with weblog? Now, here are my “What if .

. .” questions: * What if less than two minutes after creating and publishing your blog, it were to be promoted to thousands of prospects without any extra effort or cost that are on your part? * What circumstance your blog gave you instantaneous access to hundreds of international prospects? * What in order to had immediate access to hundreds of prospects in your city, state, or country who had interests and hobbies similar to you’ve? * What if every time someone clicks on a hyperlinked keyword in your Profile that describes your hobbies, occupation, industry, favorite books, movies, music, or artist, your blog is available? * What if just what you left an investigate someone elses blog, you could leave a hyperlink to your website, blog, or email? (a mini no-cost commercial!) * What if whenever someone enters your name or business name (completely or partially) into a major search engine, your blog or website pops up in their search results? * Let’s say every time you post content on your blog, it would bypass the spam filters and instantaneously appear on your subscribers desktop without any extra effort or cost on the part? (- an excellent opportunity to get your sales, special messages, or time-sensitive announcements into their hands, or actually at the cab end of their eyes!) * What if your satisfied customers had the probability to place their self-generated testimonies on your blog? (Although some will take the initiative to do so, others might need encouragement.

That’s all right. Simply an incentive opportunity than it! Offer some incentive for their efforts.) By now might be beginning to view the powerful marketing potential a blog offers you. These basically some of the powerful customer relationship management offers a blog offers you. But wait! There’s yet a lot! * What if you were to combine these powerful features with other online and offline efforts such as the blogathon, teleseminar, webinar, online articles, and others? * What if doing so would enhance your customer relationship management? * What if doing so would decrease returns and refunds? * What if doing so would increase sales? Think about it again! I realize that successful marketing and sales are still high-touch entities; however, I also realize that when you combine your high-tech efforts with your high-touch efforts, you’re bound to do well!!! Now to answer welcome this change questions, What is weblog? and What can a blog do for your business?: A blog, short of web log, is an interactive web-based journal that encourages participation from viewers.

It looks like will not everything a website does and more! A blog serves as an excellent supplement to your website and here marketing experiments. Entries, called posts, are published by date on the page according to your predetermined quantity and are archived in the margin consistent with your predetermined frequency. A blog offers your business countless marketing options. Specifically, a blog: * gives viewers, prospects, customers, and subscribers who might have had limited success in the past immediate access to you.