Cracking the Code: Understanding the Versatility of Duffel Bags

Whether you’re lugging equipment for a multiday backpacking trip, gearing up to hit the gym or heading out on a weekend adventure, a duffel bag is an essential piece of luggage. Selecting the ideal one hinges on your specific needs and preferences. Material plays a big role in durability and appearance, while size determines capacity and ease of transport. Features like compartments for organization, waterproofing and comfortable straps also affect the overall user experience.

The term duffel has been around since the mid-17th century, deriving from the village of Duffel near Antwerp in Belgium, where thick, coarse woollen cloth-like material was produced. Its original form was a long cylinder with a drawstring closure at the top, but today the name duffel can refer to any large holdall-style bag.

ModernĀ duffle bags decoded come in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Some are made of lightweight, durable nylon or canvas while others have leather exteriors and more sophisticated features such as water-resistant zippers and compartments for organizing items. Some are even designed to be used as rolling luggage. The best duffel bags offer a mix of style and function, making them a versatile choice for any travel or outdoor activity.

Most people will find themselves traveling and using a duffel bag at some point in their lives. Choosing the best one depends on a number of factors including where and how often you’re going to use it, the amount of stuff you plan to carry and the size of your clothing items.

During the Second World War, the duffel became a popular choice for sailors and soldiers of various armed forces around the world as it was lighter than barrel-shaped Barrack boxes, which were issued to U.S. Marines at the time. The duffel is now a symbol of worldwide adventure, portability and “get up and go” spirit.

You’ll find duffel bags on the side of mountains, on the roofs of trucks and being dragged mercilessly through airport terminals across the globe. They’re the go-to choice for explorers and world travelers as they pack up their belongings and hit the open road.

Since the release of Patch 1.12 on October 11, 2022, players have been able to collect a variety of rewards exclusive to the Duffel Bag collection system. These rewards include equipment and gear for the new Tunnels of Terror expansion as well as a number of other cosmetic items. The latest update added 111 new rewards to the Duffel Bag collection and changed how they were earned. Previously, when a player pinged the Bag, they would receive a reward that would randomly occupy the Support, Offensive or Utility slot on the Cleaner’s inventory. The updated mechanic now allows for players to pick up a different reward each time they play the game.